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Fine Art School Photography in Bridgeport, West Virginia

I've re-envisioned what a school portrait could look like, and I am bringing my relaxed portraiture fine art approach to capture timeless, unique portraits of your child no matter their age.

I am excited to have the opportunity to offer an alternative to traditional studio school portraits. Providing you with a personal, boutique experience to all the families.

Modern School Portraits

What is a fine art school portrait?

Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more cheesy smiles with strange backgrounds. The background will be white, and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing a cheesy grin, the children will be encouraged to be themselves and will never be forced to smile.

What to expect?

  1. Because I am not a big-box, corporate company trying to get through thousands of quick snapshots every week, I can spend a little bit longer with each child, have a little fun, get a little goofy, and capture a genuine expression that is true to the child's personality. My goal in fine art school photography is to provide families with a more authentic and beautiful portrait of their child than a traditional 30-seconds sit and smile on a backdrop can offer.

  2. Families will receive a proofing gallery, you get to choose what expressions best represent your child, and you only buy what you love. We as parents love seeing our children as they truly are, especially in a timeless white photo, without busy backgrounds or awkward poses.

  3. Everything is paperless! I handle all communication and transactions electronically.

What if my child doesn't cooperate?

I work with lots and lots of families and children; I make them feel comfortable and relax. How? Most of the time, make a fool of myself, hey! It works! Even when a child does not smile, I love to capture their serious side. I cannot guarantee they will all cooperate, almost all do. I'll do my best to provide you with at the very least one to four beautiful images to choose from in your gallery.

Can Siblings join in?

Yes! Two siblings can join for an additional fee to the session.

What should my child wear?

Please avoid words, graphics, and neon colors. Bright pink/orange/green is difficult to work with as they cast colors on the skin. Choose neutral colors and simple solids work best for the timeless nature of fine art portraits. Most of their images will be from their waist up. I also suggest avoiding large and bright hair bows that can detract from the facial features and often cast colors onto the skin.

Quick note for those that like bribing the kiddos!

Bribes are usually tactic parents will use with their little ones for a photo session. Talking about them beforehand is a great idea (if they understand). Be careful of yanking bribes out too soon in the session. This can backfire. We can give them a treat during or after the session. Kids are more likely to listen to someone other than their parents. I always have a bag of bribes for the kids after the photo session. Also, when bringing treats for bribes, make sure they are not messy and can be concealed if they have it in the photo. Smarties are my favorite. They are discreet, light-colored, and are small enough for little ones. Other good options are small fruit snacks, yogurt melts, or cheerios. Avoid chocolate, suckers (unless you are okay with them in the photo), goldfish (can we say ORANGE), or large crackers.


Daisy Greene Photography LLC is a Lifestyle Portrait natural light photographer in North Central West Virginia. She specializes in maternity, newborn, and families.

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